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Kopin’s Solos eyewear created for cyclists

solosWhen it comes to wearable technology, you can be sure that there will be dime a dozen different models out there in the market that does a whole slew of things, and this will certainly work differently for various folks. Having said that, wearable technology also has its fair bit of nuances that can be rather niche in their market – such as the smart glasses sector. While Google’s Glass has come and gone (although it has been said to be resurrected and will see a new model arrive in due time), but this does not mean that there should not be any more innovation in this area. Kopin Corporation feels that there is a need for their latest model, the Solos, that comes in the form of an ultra-lightweight eyewear which has been aerodynamically designed for optimal performance, comfort and style – targeting those who get around on a bicycle.

The Solos will allow cyclists the ability to access and share performance data in real-time conveniently, doing so directly from their smartphone or wearable fitness device courtesy of the High Definition (HD) heads-up display. Not only that, it has been specially analyzed and tested in wind tunnels to ensure optimal comfort and reduced drag when in use – something which high performance cyclists would want to hear. It rests comfortably on the face, while the minimalist and flexible design allows the Solos to be compatible with any aerodynamic helmet. There is also a new nSight opto-mechanical adjustment that will increase the comfort level while minimizing eye strain when worn on longer training sessions or trails.

The Vista virtual screen boasts of a large 5-inch display with bright, high-resolution color graphics, where the screen itself reduces glare in order for the images to be easily read even on the sunniest of days. There are also anti-slip temple and nose pads that offer the ultimate grip during high-intensity training, and fret not about its durability, the frames have been built to be ultra-durable using high-end polycarbonate that shields from impact, wind, dust and shocks. Expect the Solos will be available later this Q2 for $499 a pop.

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