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KooPower reveals wireless doorbell that needs no batteries

KooPowerIf there is one modern day innovation that we would love to be able to last for a really, really long time without requiring any change at all, it would be the problem with batteries. Just about every single mobile device we use require batteries, and this translates to charging said devices whenever they begin to run out of juice (which is more or less virtually every day). Well, the frustration of dead batteries will certainly not apply to KooPower’s unique wireless doorbell kit, where it does not need any battery at all for the transmitter, which is certainly a positive breakthrough in the industry for this unique household gadget in its class.

 There is no magic or fairy dust that keeps the KooPower Wireless Doorbell going, rather, it makes use of a tiny piezoelectric generator that is similar to a push button barbecue lighter, helping create the electricity required while sending a signal to the receivers. This is a waterproof transmitter, making it a snap to be mounted anywhere convenient outside without the need to fix wires, while the receivers can be plugged into any available power outlet. Each receiver will boast of 25 different ringtones in addition to a flashing LED light for visual indication. There is a working range of 500-foot (150 meters), allowing the receivers to virtually work great regardless of where it is placed around the home or office. You can have one upstairs, another in the garage, while a third one can lie in the basement or your man cave. Each receiver will function as a repeater, transferring the signal to an additional 500-foot range.

From the 25 different ring tones, you will be able to play around with the volume thanks to its adjustability that falls within the 50-80db range. Now here is a doorbell that you do not have to worry about it running out batteries!

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