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Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller

Do you live, breathe and eat all things deejay? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative and want something to keep yourself occupied during your spare time, you might want to look into the £1,999.99 Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller. I know, it can be rather pricey, especially in these uncertain economic times where austerity measures are being mulled over by many governments across the globe to the disdain of their constituencies. Still, this unique MIDI controller is one special way to stand out from the rest of the crowd, especially when you want to lay the smack down with your brand of sound. I need not tell you that this was specially designed to wow the crowd even before a single button has been pressed, and not a beep of sound has emanated from it. It boasts of a multitouch control surface that will function like your everyday mixing desk. The 22″ touchscreen display will certainly come into its own when all the lights have been turned down. It even comes with an Emulator Modular software that allows you to move buttons, sliders, circular knobs and jog wheels. ]]>