Kontrol Freeks offers better gaming control

Everyone loves to be in control – why else do you think those who sit in the backseat tend to shoot their mouth off, more often than not to the chagrin of the driver? Of course, when it comes to activities like video games, you cannot blame anyone else but yourself if you are not performing up to par – especially when your skill level with that of your opponent is on a similar plane. This is where hardware might make the difference, and for £11.99, you will be able to net yourself the Kontrol Freeks.
The FPS Freek PRESTIGE will come with silicone mushrooms that throw in additional length to the thumb sticks located on your controller, which in turn delivers a far greater range of movement so that you are able to gain more control over even the tiniest on-screen movements. Apart from that, the twin horns that are found on the Speed Freek components will enable faster thumb-stick twiddling. All you need to do is clip them on and your thumbs will remain put regardless of how much sweating they experience.