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Kolibree unveils brand new smart toothbrush

kolibreeThere are so many amazing things about the human body, and it is virtually impossible to know just where and when to begin. Having said that, we ought to be able to know just how to take care of our bodies – so that they can last as long as possible until we call it a day here on planet earth. Some things like our teeth are supposed to be here to stay, so it makes perfect sense to take as much care of them as possible all the time, and this will include brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing each day, and perhaps gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash. How about making sure that the little ones pick up on good oral hygiene habits when they are young? This is made possible thanks to the all new Kolibree smart toothbrush.

Kolibree has come up with a smart toothbrush in the past, but this time around we have yet another model that should bring intelligence at play to a whole new level as it throws in even more features and advanced gaming to boot. For starters, Kolibree’s new smart sonic toothbrush will be Bluetooth connected and user-friendly at any age, and the Go Pirate 2 app for iOS ensures that brushing one’s set of teeth will not be boring in any way from now on.

Go Pirate 2 happens to be the industry’s most engaging smart toothbrush game for children, while Coach is there for adults, as it offers the older ones a mindful approach to preventive dental care, Kolibree’s Bluetooth connected sonic toothbrush with 3D motion sensors can be rightly considered to be the best bathroom invention since, I don’t know, toothpaste?

The asking price for the new Kolibree toothbrush would be lower than before at $149 a pop, and it can even be used when offline – letting you brush every day, while synchronizing the data twice weekly. There are plans for an Android app and games for 2016, too.

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