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Kolelinia 2.0: Travel by cables, no bike required

This is about the best still photo that I could think of to illustrate this next form of the Kolelinia.

Some of you may remember when we reported on the Kolelinia the first time. It is a concept device that allows bikes to travel above the streets with two cables. One cable is under the wheels, and the other is located just under the handlebars. This allows ordinary cyclists to bike on air.

Watch this video after the jump so you can see what is next for the Kolelinia. As you can see, no bike is involved. All that is necessary is to put this backpack-like device and then attach it to the cable-like roads.

Whee! You are down the street like a zip-line. Oh man, if kids were ever city planners, then this would be what the streets would be like!

Can you imagine a world where the roads are actually like this? Man, I would hate to be the guy that is blocking traffic. How in the world would you tow him off the cable?

Yeah, I suppose that the chances of this become reality in my lifetime is about the same as Dwayne Johnson becoming a state governor. However, if I were to say the same statement ten years ago and use “Arnold Schwarzenegger” instead of The Rock, I’d be eating my words now.

What matters about this concept is that this method of transportation does not require any polluting petroleum products to use. In other words, it puts the planet above its methods of transportation.

You got to love people who think like this.


kolelinio from on Vimeo.

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