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This Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3-Way Highlighter is ready for school to start


When you get your back to school supplies, there’s the excitement of getting brand new notepads, pens, and pencils. Maybe it’s just me that gets excited about that sort of thing, but there are so many neat options to choose from! Do you want to get gel pens, felt tip, a variety of colors, or all black? There are all sorts of grip options to choose from as well! For those who don’t care about what sort of writing utensil they use so long as it works, you can promptly ignore the ensuing geek out that is about to happen over a highlighter.

For those that like to take detailed notes and keep everything organized during a lecture or class, having a highlighter can be pretty useful. Most of the time you have two types of lines you can make, consisting of a thin line (if you’re steady), and a thick line. This Kokuyo Beeltle Tip 3-Way Highlighter comes in a snazzy five color set, and gives you an extra option for making some highlighter magic.

This can create the normal thick line, a thin 1mm line, and can also create a double line thanks to having two 5mm sides running parallel to one another. The head of this highlighter mimics that of a Hercules beetle, hence the name. This set comes with pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue, and is closer to the size of a regular pen in your hand rather than the chunky things we’re often used to. This is only going to cost you around $9, which is perfectly within your budget for school supplies.

Available for purchase on Amazon or individually on Foxandstar

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