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The Kokoon Headphones – finally, a good night of rest

Kokoon Headphones

One week of a crazy schedule turns into two months of non-stop going, and becomes a year of insanity. The only way you can keep yourself going is by getting proper nutrition and at least some semblance of sleep. Of course, figuring out how much sleep you need and when to wake yourself up even though you know you’re not going to get enough is tough. Once you throw in unknown factors like noisy neighbors or rowdy pets, things become even more complicated.

If you want to track your sleep record to see if  things are getting better rather than worse, the Kokoon Headphones will provide you with all of that data and more. This is a pair of headphones with EEG sensors that will give you clinical-level insight and know-how of what you’re doing when you’re sawing logs, and how to make it better. These were made to be comfortable to sleep in, have great audio quality, and fit over your ears without making you break into a sweat.

In the evenings Kokoon will adjust your volume and equalizers to help you fall asleep, then adjusts the volume to keep you from being disturbed by external noises that might happen during deep sleep. The best part is that these can fold down to the size of a small book, which means it is great for travel. This will unsurprisingly work with a smartphone app specifically for Kokoon, but it will play along with other sleep monitoring apps as well. This is going to cost you $189 or more.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter