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The Öko Odyssey is a water bottle that is all work and no play

Having a water bottle around is nice for day-to-day beverage needs. It negates the need to use a cup which may have questionable origins when you are in need of a drink. Of course, when you’re out in the wilds, you’re going to need more than a place to stow water.

Most sources of good ole H2O outside aren’t exactly safe to drink from directly. You need a way to filter out any of the bad junk that’s floating around in there. The  Öko Odyssey will do that and much, much more. This is a multi-function water bottle that will not only give you two different filtration options, but also give you a flashlight adapter which can be used as a lantern, and a cup that can store 8fl. oz. of whatever you need to keep in there.

The level 1 filter is meant mainly to take out chlorine, bad taste, or color, and the level 2 should work in over 140 countries. The latter was designed for use in NASA space stations, so you can imagine that this version would be meant for trips in the outdoors. The flashlight adapter can be screwed on to be used as a torch, or flipped, which will make your water bottle into a lantern. There is a strobe mode available which can be used in emergencies if need be, and it has a built-in loop so it can be hung or tied up. This will cost you around $50 should you be interested.

Available for purchase on okoh2o