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The Knog Oi Bicycle Bell politely moves pedestrians from your path

Kong Oi Bicycle Bell

Once you add riding a bike to your daily routine, you start to realize what accessories you would benefit from. If you live out in the country with limited street lighting, then adding visibility will be your priority. If you’re in a bigger city, visibility will be equally important, but navigating your way through hoards of pedestrians will be another aspect to worry about.

 If you want to politely get people to move out of your way without blasting an air horn, the Kong Oi Bicycle Bell could move them of their own accord. This is a small circle that you can fit on any type of bicycle bar, and you only need to pull back the tab and release it to get a clear bell sound. It’s not anything like the obnoxious bike bells you’ve heard in the past, and take on more of a wind chime approach, sounding pleasant, light, but crisp.

This comes in large and small, fitting 22.2mm bars or 23.8-31.8mm bars. The size will affect the price, which is in a range of $12.99-$27.99, and it comes in black, brass, copper, and silver. These are made of stainless steel, high tensile springs, aircraft grade aluminum ringers, a reinforced nylon mount, and are sure to make anything who hears them move out of the way.

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