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Mr. Knocky the little drummer toy

mr-knockyHave you ever engaged in a little bit of air guitar in the past, especially when you are in your room and have that special riff that comes to mind, and seeing that no one is in the vicinity, you decided to let loose and let it rip! In your mind, it sounds like you are on par with the guitar legends, but in reality, with an actual guitar, it might be as disconcerting as a cat clawing on a chalkboard. Well, let’s say that you prefer drums over guitars – perhaps you can test out your air drumming capability by picking up the £29.99 Mr. Knocky the little drummer toy.

The Mr. Knocky little drummer toy will feature detachable drums, not to mention a lanyard that enables one to hang him around one’s neck as you’re thrashing away. You can also adjust Mr. Knocky’s masculinity thanks to the the included clip-on mustache, which makes him a whole lot more hirsute in a single move. How does Mr. Knocky work? Well, grabbing both handles, you can begin to mime a rhythm and see Mr. Knocky follow suit. No batteries are required – just some velcro straps that would let you make him drum on whatever you like, be they bean tins or yoghurt pots, among others.

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