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Knicks Cable Holder Clip


This is one of those simple items that would be great to keep in your laptop case for whenever you happen to need it.  After all, there is nothing quite as obnoxious as wanting to unplug your laptop, but still wanting the end of the cord to stay on the table top.  Especially since it almost never stays where you want it to, it inevitably falls underneath the table.  Then you’re stuck crawling on your hands and knees to find where the cord went.  This hook would save you from having to go on that search.

It just easily slips on the edge of the table and then it holds onto the cord of your choosing.  Personally, having a MacBook, this clip would make my life far easier.  Since on occasion I just accidentally bump the side of my laptop and the cord instantly drops to the floor.  The clip comes in two different sizes the smaller will working with tables up to 1” thick and the larger up to 1.75” thick.  You can purchase one of these clips for $11 from Charles & Marie.

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