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Who knew a pill could make your flatulence pleasantly fragrant?

The Fart Pill

Around the holidays, we know that we’ll be eating more food than some will have in their lifetimes. This brings on all sorts of indigestion and gas issues that your friends, family, and yes, even you have to deal with. Everyone will be clamoring for the bathroom at some point, and sometimes no odor-fighter in the world is enough to keep those smells at bay.

While you can get scented toilet seats and use sprays to hide dirty deeds, why not just perfume what comes out of your hind end? Christian Poincheval is a French artist and inventor who decided the world has had enough of smelly poots, and created a capsule of natural ingredients that will make your accidental slips smell like potpourri. Not only will they bring about more pleasant farts, but they are also said to help with reducing gas and bloating.

Of course, those with pets likely wish they could feed something like this to their dog to curb the stench of death they can produce. Luckily enough, there is a powder version that will work just fine for your pooch and is perfectly safe for them to consume. There are different smells to choose from, such as rose and chocolate. It would undoubtedly start some very interesting conversations. It will cost you around $13 for a bottle with 60 capsules, which should be more than enough to save you through the holiday season.

Available for purchase onĀ pilulepet, found on telegraph