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KNBOR brings Wi-Fi connectivity into your ceiling lamp

knborSo you have just moved into your spiffy new home — and are wondering just what kind of interior design features that you would like to throw into the mix. The thing is, you are pretty sure that setting up a Wi-Fi network is one of your main priorities — and to get that right, you would need to make sure that you have a decent Wi-Fi router in place. The thing is, there might be some issues with dead spots in your home — especially if it is a spacious one, where cement walls and doors block the Wi-Fi signal. The KNBOR ceiling lamp intends to relegate that issue to the history bin, as it delivers Wi-Fi connectivity alongside your ceiling lamp.

The name is pretty difficult to roll off the tongue, that is for sure, but this is one Kickstarter project that is worth checking out. This is a smart ceiling lamp which will boast of a multitude of programmable lighting options, where all of them are controllable from the lamp’s very own mobile app. The lamp’s colors can be manually chosen and synchronized to music, and you can also opt to have it dim or brighten at selected hours of the day in order to mimic your sleeping habits.

It’s main draw would be the Wi-Fi signal-producing capability. When hooked up to an Ethernet port, a KNBOR unit will be transformed into a wireless router — which would make it a Wi-Fi hotspot in the room where it is installed. Since the KNBOR will probably be right on top of the ceiling, you do not have to worry about concrete or shelves blocking the signal in that particular room. In other words, wherever there is light, there is Wi-Fi. KNBOR will rely on the latest Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, which consumes less electricity that ever before without sacrificing on speed, signal strength and performance.

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