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The .klatz smartwatch is secretly a handset

.klatz smartwatch

If you keep your phone in your bag, the convenience of a smartwatch is likely very tempting. Not only do you get to wear a modern timepiece on your wrist, but you won’t miss calls because you didn’t know your phone was going off when it was out of sight. Of course, it only alerts you when you have an incoming message or call, and you’ll still have to rummage for your phone.

If you’d prefer to bypass that situation, you could always opt for the .klatz smartwatch. It has more of a fitness tracker look to it, and while it does have the capability, that’s not what makes it so interesting. If you see a call coming in, you can choose to reject it, or you can flip open the watch and use it as a handset. This makes taking a call effortless as breathing, and it has a battery life that can last up to ten days. The inside of this wristwatch is made of hypoallergenic soft touch material, meaning it will be comfortable to wear for extended periods and for working out.

The LED screen will show if you have calls, messages, or emails coming in, and you’ll be able to control your music through this device as well. The aluminum frame will keep the surface safe from scratches, but should misfortune fall upon you, you’ll be happy to know that the plastic is scratch-resistant as well. While this isn’t 100% waterproof, it can withstand some splashes and dust, meaning it should survive your workout regimen. Should you have interest, this will cost you $99. Of course, this is with the hopes that this crowdfunding campaign delivers on its promise.

Available for crowdfunding on indiegogo


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