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The Kiwano Electric Smart Scooter isn’t just a toy


If you’ve been outside for more than 30 minutes, you’ve likely come across someone on a hoverboard. They’re not actually hoverboards, more like baby segways without the handles. The big difference from the full-size version is that these little scooters can’t really handle much trouble beyond a few degrees of an incline and almost have to be on smooth pavement.

If you think this sort of device would actually be useful to you but don’t want to pay for novelty alone, then you might fancy taking a gander at the Kiwano Electric Smart Scooter. This is still the same two-wheeled contraption you’ve seen a hundred times over, but beyond first glance you’ll notice this has a bit more oomph under the hood. This is an all-terrain scooter that can handle sand, pavement, and hills with ease. It can also connect to your smartphone and act as a wireless speaker when you stop to smell the roses or whilst rolling down the street.

The tires can handle challenging surface types, up to 15 degrees of an incline, it’s water-resistant, and the battery by Samsung was built to make sure nothing explodes or catches fire. There are also riding modes for speed so that kids and adults alike can manage to stay on. This will take around 3 hours to charge, after which it can travel around 9 miles, holds up to 260 pounds, and caps out at around 15 miles per hour. This is presently available for purchase at $399 (a deal of half off), with another $49.99 for a smart bag to tote it around in.

Available for purchase on kiwano