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KitchenCalc 8300 Recipe Calculator

Learning to cook on your own isn’t always easy.  Sometimes recipes just assume that you have more knowledge than you actually do, then if you want to cut a recipe in half things become even more difficult.  Instead of running to the computer to Google something every single time you get stumped on a measurement, you could keep this calculator in your kitchen.  Instead of normal math, it does the kind of math to make cooking a little more simple.

It can calculate recipe scaling to create less or more servings as well as deal with portion sizing.  Plus it will even do measurement conversions between US and foreign weights or measures.  Then if you need to do some normal math it’s also capable of those types of calculations.  If you need a spare timer, it has one built into it for those times when you have multiple things going at once.  If you’d like to remember those recipe sizes for future use, it has a memory function for that as well.  You can purchase it for $20 through Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “KitchenCalc 8300 Recipe Calculator”

  1. Google search bar has all of these conversions and more built in. I am going to purchase this calculator for use at work to help keep in specification client requested health fair options which are often sent for nutritional breakdown in recipes specked for 4 servings and are expanded to 24-48 servings. Just remember mathematical conversions of recipes must be followed up with common scene judgment.

  2. Its really strange to know that we need calculator to cook food. It might helpful for some person but i don’t think it would be very successful.

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