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KitchenAid has a Multi-Cooker that whips up healthy and delicious meals

kitchenaid-multicookerDo you love whipping up delicious meals for your loved ones all the time? Sure, you might actually run out of ideas from time to time, but thankfully, there does not seem to be an end to the number of cookbooks that are out there in the market. Having said that, KitchenAid has come up with a four quart Multi-Cooker that offers 10 cooking functions, in addition to step-by-step cooking modes as well as a stirring accessory that paves the way for assisted cooking at precise temperatures.

This particular Multi-Cooker from KitchenAid would be able to add a modern twist to the traditional slow cooker, where it delivers updated cooking settings that range from steam to sear, and a stir tower which would allow cooks to step away and multi-task at the same time in the kitchen.

This 3-speed stir tower accessory mixes, flips and stirs ingredients in order to keep them consistently incorporated and evenly heated. The moment it is attached to the Multi-Cooker, its stir settings will be able to be adjusted using a speed selector dial to handle everything that range from flipping meatballs to stirring a heavy stew. There is also a new flipping paddle that will combine with a flex edge scraping blade, as it stirs and scrapes around the cooking vessel to keep foods like batters and sauces from sticking to the sides.

Apart from that, pre-programmed settings for rice, risotto, soup and yogurt would open up the door for cooks to enjoy next step instructions so that they end up with perfectly cooked results. As cooks take on one step after another, the Multi-Cooker would then adjust and display temperatures and timing accordingly.

There will be other cooking modes that are part of the mix, including simmering, sautéeing, searing, steaming and a couple of slow cook options, where all of them can be programmed for up to a dozen hours of cooking, while the Keep Warm function can be programmed for up to 24 hours. The Multi-Cooker is smart enough to automatically set the temperature for each setting, while the brand’s Even-Heat technology would allow precise temperature regulation between 110° – 450° F to prevent under or over cooking.

The Multi-Cooker will arrive in Candy Apple and Stainless Steel, retailing for $349.99 a pop.

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