Kit-In Box

Kit-In Box

I have a mother who has three cats. Whenever I visit her, I usually take my laptop with me. Every time that I set up my laptop for work, one of her cats is waiting to use it as a bed. The last time one of her cats stretched out on my keyboard, I practically threw the cat to floor, yelling: “It’s a laptop, not a lap!”

Of course, the cat didn’t listen, and I was forced to live with the “Kitten on the Keys” effect again and again. I soon had that same annoyed look of the lady in the upper left hand corner of this photo.

It looks like she solved her problem with the Kit-In Box. This mini-bed attaches to the side of a desk, and can even swivel out so the tabby can rest near the owner without violating his or her personal space.

Of course, we all know cats who will sleep on the laptop keyboard even though the most comfortable cushion is available to them. Some cats are just like that, defying the rules simply because they can. Perhaps the company that makes the Kit-In Box should make their cat cushion in the shape of a laptop. That way, the cat can think he or she is defying the rules, even though the cat is exactly where the owner wants him or her to be.

Until then, the current version of the Kit-In Box is available on The Refined Feline website for about $49.99.


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