Kiss Me lets you know if you need a mint

Kiss Me

Fresh breath is something you should have whenever you’re around another person. I don’t really care how your breath smells when you’re sitting at home by yourself, but the minute someone smells that foul odor coming out of your mouth, you can bet they’ll put as much distance between the two of you as possible. Usually if you brush your teeth and use some mouthwash at the appropriate times, you’re good to go, however, there are some times where you want to be extra sure. That’s when you’ll turn to the Kiss Me.

The Kiss Me Personal Bad Breath Detector is simple, just breath on it, and LEDs will light up to indicate just rank your breath is. Then you’ll know to slip off for a quick brush of the teeth, or if you’re out and about, at least pick up some mints or gum. I’m usually pretty confident in the freshness of the air coming out of my mouth, plus I really don’t need anything extra to carry around. However, if you spend most of your days with very important persons (and perhaps eat lots of onions) then you might want to consider spending the $19 on one.

Source: GearFuse

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