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KiSS 1600 DVD player with a difference

kiss-1600.jpgNews of a new DVD player will probably be greeted with rolled eyes, but the KiSS 1600 ought to invoke a different experience since it comes with the ability to stream media over a wired Ethernet connection or through the integrated WiFi adapter – something no other players are capable of at the moment. You must first install the sharing application in all computers that you want to stream from before getting started. Features include a USB socket behind, DVD upscaling capability via HDMI or component, and a Scart output. The £200 price tag could put most people off though, as that could probably get them one of those newer HD DVD players instead.

Source: Crave UK

2 thoughts on “KiSS 1600 DVD player with a difference”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update! Yeah, the GoVideo unit comes with an optional wireless unit, but the KiSS 1600 features a WiFi adaptor already bundled – and thus, not optional like the GoVideo, which makes it different.

    Sounds like splitting hairs, but I do agree with you that the GoVideo unit offers way more bang for your buck 🙂

  2. I had a kiss 1600 until the weekend just gone. It would have to be 1 of the most poorly made products I have ever purchased, it,s now in a million pieces on the spare room floor. What crap, freezing or taking half an hour to load a movie or music. WOW ethernet connection, big deal. How many video cards have s-video, just play from your PC. If you leave the KISS 1600 on for to long the LEDS used to light the front panel heat up and warp the plastic.

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