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The Kisai Vortex Pocket Watch mixes old and new in the best way possible

 Kisai Vortex pocket watch

If you have an affinity for fashions from the past, there’s a good chance you know about steampunk. It’s a crossing of Victorian era and science fiction in the most wonderful of ways. The inventions are astounding, the fashions are breathtaking, and the people are always eclectically charming. Of course, this sub-culture doesn’t fit the bill for everyone.

If you like the aesthetics, but wish the color palette was a bit different, then maybe putting a little cyberpunk into the mix will be more appealing. The Kisai Vortex Pocket Watch is futuristic take on a classic timepiece. It has a touchscreen display on which it can show you the time (in two different ways), date, or be your alarm. Of course, any watch from TokyoFlash is going to be a bit difficult to read until you learn its secret. This pocket watch however, seems to be especially difficult.

There are six spirals that look like a cyclone of tiny marks. The outermost ring represents the seconds, and the interior spirals represent the hours and minutes. The first and second interior spirals show hours 1-12 and 60 minutes, and inside of that is again hours 1-12 and 60 minute marks. It’s hard to un-see after you figure it out, and is easier to read every time you look at it. To set the time and date, swipe your finger left to right over the screen to unlock it and then proceed to tinker with settings. This will cost you $149, and comes in a stainless steel pocket watch case with a mineral crystal lens. It is on a spring hinge, so you’ll want to be gentle lest you want to break the mechanism. You’ll have the options for a blue LCD screen with blue backlighting, or a natural LCD screen with a red backlight.

Kisais Vortex- how-to-read

Available for purchase on TokyoFlash