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The Kisai Satellite X LED Watch could be the work of aliens


We’re all interested in the paranormal or the unusual, and can’t help but do a double take when we see something that doesn’t fit our idea of “normal”. While we could get into the question of what the true definition of normal is, we’ll save it for another day. There’s a certain way we’re used to seeing things, and while some are content with the way things are, others want to challenge the common thought process.

Watches from TokyoFlash have always been good about boggling minds and fighting the boring repetition of a regular 12 hour clock face. They want to be fashionable, and make you think outside the box to read the time. You may get used to it after a while, but to the people around you it will be an object of mystery and confusion. The most recent addition to the TokyoFlash family is the Kisai Satellite X Watch. This watch uses three vivid LED rings behind a dark mineral crystal lens to show you the time.

The top ring represents your hours, the larger middle ring will show you five minute increments, and the bottom ring is 4 minute increments to give you the exact time. Pressing the button on the side will activate the LEDs to flash for a brief period. There is an animation mode which will have the LEDs flash in a slow circle every fifteen minutes should you choose to turn it on. There are grooves on the face of the watch that flow seamlessly onto the strap of the watch which offset the circular patterns. This metallic watch is available in black with either red or blue LEDs at a price point of $139.

Available for purchase on TokyoFlash