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The Kisai RPM Wood LED Watch – time re-imagined

Kisai RPM Wood LED Watch

For some people aesthetic choices are part of their style. They consciously make an effort to look a certain way, possibly even for the reason of being perceived a certain way. Then there are some who only want to wear what they think is visually compelling to them alone, and don’t care what the finished product looks like so long as they’re happy with each piece.

If you have very specific tastes and fit the description of the latter, then there’s a good chance your wardrobe and accessories are a bit lacking. If you’re in the market for a new timepiece, but can’t seem to find the one that fits you perfectly, TokyoFlash may have you covered. They’re always keen on making watches the world has never seen before, and have done it again with the Kisai RPM Wood LED Watch. This is inspired by a DJ turntable, and the wood elements give it a perfect balance of old and new.

This is quite simple to read in comparison with some of the other Kisai watches we’ve seen in the past. The inner ring will represent your hours, while the outer ring will show you 5 minute intervals. It’s quite similar to the long and short hands on a normal clock face. If you want to know the exact time, there are 4 single dashes on the outer ring that will show you the specific minute. This can last for a month on one charge of 3.5 hours, and the battery is replaceable (which you will need to do after 300 full recharges). This will cost you $109, and only comes in dark sandalwood with red LEDs.

Available for purchase on Tokyoflash