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Kisai Quasar LCD Watch Review

quasar-watchTokyoflash has always been known to deliver top quality timepieces in a quirky design without the inflated price tags that are more often than not associated with those high end watches of Swiss origin. Of course, you can also not expect the same kind of robustness and durability, not to mention quartz movement that hails from the Swiss maestros, but it does offer a healthy alternative to those who would like something that is off the beaten path, and yet more than capable of turning heads whenever you have one around your wrist. I was very blessed to be furnished with the Kisai Quasar LCD Watch from the folks over at Tokyoflash, and after spending a good month with the watch, here are some of my thoughts.

First of all, the basics. The Kisai Quasar LCD watch is no doubt a digital timepiece, although it will take some time before you are able to figure out the reading of time, as it comes in a geometric, patterned display that camouflages time. There are various modes for you to tinker with, but once you have gotten the hang of it, you will be able to take a glance and blabber away the current time to whoever is asking you at the moment.

As with many other timepieces that hail from Tokyoflash in the past, the Kisai Quasar LCD Watch begun life as a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. After being selected to become reality, the final product sports a trio of user-selectable time display modes (cycle through all three to see which one your eyes are most comfortable with, I personally prefer the Pattern Mode that keeps people guessing), and regardless of which display mode you have decided on, you can pick from either a 12 or 24 hour clock.

In Number Mode, time will be presented in regular digits, which might take some getting used to at first too, mind you, although after a while it should be second nature to you. As for the aforementioned preference of mine, Pattern Mode would camouflage the digits in a web of lines, but there is a “trick” in telling the time – these lines will strictly follow the shape of the numbers. I would prefer to avoid Animation Mode since that particular mode would consume more battery power than I would like, although Animation Mode would see a pulsating movement between these modes in order to create an eye-catching zoom effect.

Apart from telling the time, at least the Kisai Quasar LCD Watch will also come with additional features that should keep any Tokyoflash collector happy – it has a date and alarm function to boot, and if you would like to keep track of how many seconds there are left in performing a particular task, this is easily achievable using the Stop Watch function. Granted, the timepiece might be a wee bit difficult to view under extremely bright conditions, or in areas where lighting is very poor, but those situations tend to be few and far in between. You can light up the timepiece with the EL backlight with a press of a button, and it works best under truly dark conditions – semi-dark conditions would yield disappointing results, but then again, it is not a life or death matter as I am quite sure you have your smartphone to help you tell the time.

Being water resistant to 3ATM does not mean that you should wear this with you all the time, even when you are swimming or having an outing by the sea. All that constant exposure to water would not bode well for the timepiece, but it would last a whole lot longer if it were just subjected to light drizzles or heavy sweating. It is common sense, after all.

All in all, the Kisai Quasar LCD Watch that is made from stainless steel and accompanied by a sleek polished finish is perfect for that fresh graduate, or anyone who would want a little bit of zip in their everyday fashion choices. After all, the hexagonal shape is a surefire attention grabber, and you would look every bit as elegant regardless of whether you choose from all black or silver shades with a black accent in the strap. Being framed by mineral crystal glass, the Kisai Quasar will arrive with a vibrant blue, red, green or mirrored display. Replacing the standard CR2025 watch battery when it runs out of juice should not be an issue at all. This is the ideal timepiece that will attract attention, just like the Uzumaki watch I reviewed last year.

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