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The Kisai Online Wood LCD Watch merges technology and nature

Kisai Online Wood Watch

We love the odd, crazy and cool gadgets that come into existence. Every day there is something new on the horizon, challenging what we think is innovative or unique. Tokyoflash has certainly created a name for themselves in the watch market by making watches we’ve never seen before. They seem to be constantly reinventing the wheel by telling time in ways we always think are too difficult to read at first.

While the Kisai Online has been in existence for some time, it has resurfaced anew in this limited edition Wood version. This gives you a cryptic time display made up of vertical lines that in this wooden setting almost appear to look like tree bark. The wooden wrist strap is surprisingly lightweight, and this comes in two styles with either sandalwood or maple with dark sandalwood lines.

There are two modes in which you can view the time on the “always on” display. One is the cryptic mode, in which it will take some time to get used to seeing the slightly altered numbers, and the reveal mode where the numbers are easier to read, though still a bit warped. There is an animation mode that will come on every two seconds, but it can be turned off if you so desire. There are blue, natural, and red LCD screen options with the sandalwood or maple options to choose from at a price point of $99.

Available for purchase on Tokyoflash