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Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch – time goes ever on and on

Tokyoflash Kisai Maru
As your eyes skim over the words of this article, seconds tick by. There are days when they seems to be moving at a rapid pace, and others they feel as though they last for an eternity. There’s no way to reverse them, and feeling any kind of sadness over what has passed will only waste more time that could be spent doing more productive things. The most we can do with time is keep track of it, and hope to make the best of the allotment we have here.

Many people enjoy keeping track of the passing minutes and hours. While we normally use our phone and alarms to tell us when we’re supposed to be doing things, there are those who still enjoy wearing a wrist watch. If you value your time, and want to be the only one who can read it at a glance, then the Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch might just be for you.

This is a wooden watch that is named “maru”, meaning circle in Japanese. The face of this watch consists of many circles, only one of which moves with the passing minute. There are 60 tick marks in all, and the only indication of the time is from the longer and shorter hands. The hand that faces outward tells the minutes, while the inward facing hand tells the hours. You can choose whether or not you want a little animation to play out every five minutes, but the display is always on. It runs on a standard battery watch, and will cost you upwards of $100. Your options for the type of wood are limited to red sandalwood and a maple. As these are made out of a tree, you should expect that the tint of the wood will differ from time piece to time piece.

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