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The Kisai Logo Wood LCD Watch – challenge your perception of time


Doing the same few tasks over and over again can make life exceedingly boring. We see the same scenery, do the same jobs, and get tired of it all. We need a change of pace now and again such as new perspectives and fresh ideas that make us flex our mental muscles. The best way to make you think aside from playing brain games, is making your surroundings challenge the common thought process.

This can include having inventive ways to wake yourself up in the mornings, shattering your reality now and again, or just wearing a watch that requires more than glancing down and seeing a number. Tokyoflash is near and dear to our hearts for exactly this reason. Seldom will you find one of their watches that is one hundred percent straightforward and easy to read. The newest addition to the Kisai family is the Logo Wood LCD Watch.

The clock is cased in 100% real wood, and is a stark contrast to its metallic colored leather strap. The face of the clock has an always-on display, where the hours are shown as blocks along the outside of the screen. It is easier to read the minutes, as they are directly in the center as numbers, though they are squished together, making them look more like a shape than a number at first glance. You can also view the time in binary if you’d prefer. There are three models, one with dark sandalwood that has a blue LCD display with a dark metallic strap, red sandalwood with a black LCD and a copper-looking metallic strap, or a maple wood with a mirror display and a silver metallic strap. This is going to cost you $99 for the next 40~ hours if you jump on the launch price, and will go up a bit in price after that point.

Available for purchase on Tokyoflash