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The Kisai Katana is sharp enough to cut the fabric of time

Kisai Katana

When you say someone is a sharp dresser, more often than not you just mean that they have their aesthetic act together. The accessories, shoes, and outfit play into each other in material, color, and shape, coming together perfectly with the shape and hues of the person it’s on. It’s the little things that make the visual difference, which can make you look even more professional than a suit and tie combination can.

If you want to embody being a sharp dresser in the truest sense of the word, while also having a bit of playfulness to your attire, then you should look to Tokyoflash for a timepiece. The Kisai Katana is a regular looking wrist watch for all intents and purposes, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the hour hand is actually a very small katana. It is modeled after the single-edged sword that was used by Japanese samurai.

This watch only has the one hand to delineate the hour on the analog display that is surrounded by a stainless steel case and strap. This uses a standard battery watch to function, and will need to be replaced once a year. You won’t get exact time with this, but it will give you a fairly general approximation. This is available for $99 in either black, blue, or silver for the next day or so, and then will creep up in price.

Available for purchase on Tokyoflash