Kiran Solar Lantern provides affordable lighting


There are quite a few solar gadgets out there and unfortunately a lot of them can get a touch pricey.  Well for once, this lantern is incredibly cheap.  Instead of grabbing the kerosene or battery lantern when you head out into the world, you could grab this eco-friendly solar one.  Surprisingly it’s actually said to shine brighter than your old kerosene lantern would.  Plus it’ll give off light for several hours when it has a full charge stored up.

The lantern is a total of 5 times brighter than a kerosene lantern and will shine light for up to 8 hours on a fully charged battery.  Of course not only can you charge it through the solar panel, but it can be plugged in and charged through the AC charger as well.  It provides 360-degree light and has a handle with multiple-settings to allow for flexible usage.  It has protection for over-charging and has an all around tough design.  In order to get a full charge the lamp needs 8 hours of sun and through the AC it requires 4 hours.  On high that’ll give you 4 hours of light and on low it’ll give 8.  The lamp itself is retailing for only $10.

Source: Ohgizmo

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