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Kintell smart home system

Our society is fast progressing to be a smart one, where there are smartphones, smart cars, smart bulbs, and of course, smart homes. Many aspects of life are slowly but surely headed down the path of full automation, and Kintell has come up with its smart home system that has been specially designed for families who would like to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults as well as extend the time people spend living independently in their home. With the Kintell smart home system, users will be able to remain independent and in control, while maintaining their active lifestyle in order to remain healthy, at the same time feel better connected to their family.

 Targeting those who at least 70 years old, the Kintell smart home system will boast of a fresh look and specially designed features that the senior age group would be comfortable with. It is intuitive enough to use with a relatively low learning curve, and it will arrive in bundles of 3 and 5 in addition to a solitary unit ‘starter kit’ that will assist with everyday tasks around the home. Such assistance comes in the form of reminders for medication to keeping oneself well hydrated, which will ultimately help improve one’s wellbeing while maintaining both physical and mental health.

Kintell’s smart home system offers a menu of in-home healthy habit programs, specially personalized to one’s needs. You want to remain supple and flexible? Kintell’s got your back. How about ensuring that you still have your memory with ‘exercises’ to increase your mindfulness? Check. Family members can also check-in on you in a non-intrusive manner through a connected Wi-Fi network, while there is a handy emergency feature that will get in touch with someone who is able to help you in the event of an emergency.

All of Kintell’s devices in this smart home system comes with a large touch-pad, audio capabilities, an LED display and an emergency-pull-key for easy use, and it is extremely simple to install. Expect the one unit starter kit to retail for $99 with shipping set to commence in early Q2 2019.

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