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Kinsa Smart Thermometer hits the market at last

kinsaYou know what they say about not reinventing the wheel? Well, you might want to leave the wheel alone since it does its job as efficiently as possible, but surely the thermometer is one particular device that can be improved upon. Otherwise, there would not be the birth of the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. Just when you figured out that all thermometers were more or less equal in stature (although they do happen to be very good at the one thing that they are meant to do, and that is, to tell the temperature), along comes the Kinsa Smart Thermometer which can hook up to your smartphone with its corresponding app, now how about that for being high tech?

Retailing for $29.99 apiece, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is so easy to use, it has been deemed to be as easy as plugging in a pair of headphones. Delivering innovation to one of the world’s most common medical devices, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer was specially designed with parents and children in mind, where it will take advantage of the processing muscle found in modern day smartphones, ensuring that the whole temperature taking process is less boring and a whole lot more engaging, informative and useful.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer will hook up to a mobile device through the headphone jack, where it will utilize the smartphone’s display, power and processing in order to determine a precise temperature reading in under 10 seconds. That’s pretty nifty, especially if you are in a hurry, don’t you think so? Apart from that, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer will also make use of the smartphone’s display screen to provide fun, animated visuals throughout a temperature reading, which would come in handy to help calm down children whose attention might lie elsewhere during the process. The free Kinsa app will be available via iTunes or in the Google Play store, which leaves Windows Phone and BlackBerry users out.

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