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The Kinoko Bath Light will illuminate the path to relaxation


When you take a bath, you expect a certain amount of atmosphere. Seeing that you’re going to be there for upwards of 10 minutes not doing much of anything, it makes sense that you would like the ambiance to be exactly how you want it. Some don’t mind if the lights are on, but others aren’t too fond of the bright, overhead lights that are at times almost headache-inducing.

Rather than going to more romantic candle lighting, you can always move to a more fantastical solution. The Kinoko Bath Light will certainly provide you with illumination, but in a more colorful way. This takes on the shape of mushroom, and comes in pink, green, or yellow pastel. This will stick to your bathroom wall, tile, or tub (likely via suction cup, but it is not specified).

Once it’s in place, simply tap the top and it will start to light up and flow through a variety of colors. These only cost $20, and seem to be aimed more as a toy for children. However, it can provide the ambiance you’re looking for so long as you don’t mind a rainbow of colored lights dancing on the walls while you sink into a calmer mental state in the tub. You will need to make sure you have batteries on hand to keep these alight, but the type and number needed are not defined.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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