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Kingston urDrive changes the way you view USB flash drives

When it comes to USB flash drives, most of the time we would be wondering just what kind of improvements can be made to such peripherals apart from ever increasing storage space in addition to the data transfer speed. Well, Kingston has an idea – after all, they have been in the memory business for the longest time already, so why not leave it to them to figure out a way? Their latest brainstorming session has resulted in the Kingston urDrive, where it will turn your average USB flash drive into an active storage device. urDrive will be a free pre-loaded application that will make its appearance on a range of Kingston’s DataTraveler USB flash drives, turning your average USB drive from passive storage mode to engaged, active storage. This will also enable consumers to easily access and organize your personal files, photos, music, games and videos. Heck, there will even be a built-in photo viewer and MP3 player that makes it a snap to check out your favorite digital moments, while rocking to tunes that bring back good memories. Of course, all that feel good factor is compounded by enhanced security offered with Norton PC Checkup. This particular diagnostic tool is capable of scanning for virus infections that will include spyware, worms and adware, while performing checks for slow performance as well as potential risks to identity and data. The inclusion of urDrive will also further enhance the digital experience with the Maxthon 3 Web browser. I know, I haven’t heard of Maxthon 3 myself before, but it is said to boast industry-leading startup and rendering speeds, while sporting an architecture which delivers users a truly portable, safe browsing experience. You can basically browse on public computers while ensuring all temporary files, history and cookies are stored on your flash drive and not on the computer itself. At first, urDrive will be available as a free, pre-loaded application that can be found on KingstonĀ’s entry-level DataTraveler 101G2, 108 and 109 USB flash drives, with the DTIG3 getting it sometime down the road as well, coming in capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB. Press Release ]]>

5 thoughts on “Kingston urDrive changes the way you view USB flash drives”

  1. Generally I hate any crapware that comes loaded on USB drives, as long as it’s easily removed I’m OK with it. The Western Digital are the worst.

  2. yep. But it will not accept a 4 Gb videofile,( too big…!) in spite of the fact there is still 16 Gb free on the drive.
    I had another Kingston datatraveler of 32Gb and that functioned perfectly…..This one, a so-called urDrive, is causing problems.
    When buying I had no information that already a load of pre-installed rubble was on the drive!!!!!!!
    May 14,2012

  3. Pepe – Just format the drive!
    The 4GB limit is a Fat32 limit – so if you’re using Windows then reformat it NTFS…

  4. Liars, Kingston is not the 1st to come up with portable apps. Portable Apps have come up with it 1st and their portable platform blows urdrive out the water. Research your facts carefully before writing next time.

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