Kingston HyperX PREDATOR 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

hyperx-predator-1tbI am quite sure that many of us have attended our fair share of trade shows and conferences over the years that we have amassed quite a collection of USB flash drives in our homes, so much so that these have become not valuable at all compared to the early days when a 32MB USB flash drive was all the rage, and hitting 1GB was like, “Whoa!”. Well, we just love the way that technology progresses over time, and here we are with the Kingston HyperX PREDATOR which offers a whopping 1TB of storage space, and fret not about spending huge amounts of time whenever you transfer data to and from it, as it will feature USB 3.0 connectivity to get the job done as fast as possible.

Having the Kingston HyperX PREDATOR around is definitely a boon, especially for those of you who do plenty of traveling and yet need to carry a portable hard drive around. The physical dimension of it is extremely small compared to even the smallest 2.5” portable hard drive around, although the latter has now achieved the 2TB capacity mark. It really depends on what you want to sacrifice – size or price?

Basically, the HyperX PREDATOR 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive performed as well as its smaller capacity brethren in most of the tests, but there is one major drawback to it. The thickness happens to make it nigh impossible to use normally just like a standard issue USB flash drive, even more so when you want to hook it up to a USB port that is located at the back of your notebook, and this is where the bundled USB 3.0 extension cable comes in handy. Another major talking point (negative one, unfortunately) would be the humongous price tag, as the 1TB model retails for $1,306.63 on Imagine the number of portable hard drives you can purchase with that kind of money!