Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle delivers some light up goodness to your desk

kinetic-light-newtonIsaac Newton is definitely one of the more notable thinkers in the history of mankind, where his Newtonian laws continue to be studied and applied even until this day. Well, I am quite sure that many of us, when we were younger, were fascinated by gizmos on certain mahogany desks that did play out Newtonian physics, such as the Newton Cradle. However, the folks over at Thinkgeek decided to bring things to the next level with the introduction of the $49.99 Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle.

The name of this particular accessory says it all – the Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle is a futuristic take on this classic desk accessory, where each glass sphere would sport bright, multicolor LEDs. Specially designed and manufactured by Thinkgeek, it is the ideal tool to lose yourself entirely especially when you have had plenty of work and are not quite able to figure out how to handle the accumulated stress. The lights on this advanced Newton’s Cradle will react based on their position, where starting a kinetic chain reaction with one ball will let you observe how the others change color in response. The half dozen AA batteries ought to be able to power the shebang for approximately 13 hours of non-stop use.