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The Kinesis Contoured Keyboard is an extension of your body

The Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard

When you throw a punch, you don’t just put your arm out straight forward from your body like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot. You need to turn your body with it to make one fluid movement. Our bodies have movements that are natural and cause very little strain on us, and it’s only when we repeatedly do things that go against that where we start to notice our tendons, joints, and muscles beginning to ache.

If you happen to do a lot of typing, then you know how important having an ergonomic keyboard can be. Your wrists shouldn’t be at a hard angle typing at upwards. The Kinesis Advantage USB Contoured Keyboard can work on both Mac and PC, and will help relieve some of the strain your wrists might experience. This has an integrated 2-port USB hub, and any USB devices can be hot-plugged safely.

This is an expensive purchase at $299, but is not much compared to how much it would cost to fix the damage a normal keyboard would do to your wrists after typing so much. The keys are mechanical, but are said to be less noisy than a Das keyboard. There are of course, other ergonomic keyboards to choose from, but regardless of your choice, it will take a few weeks of getting used to typing in a whole new way. That is of course assuming that you’ve never used something of this nature before.

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