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The Kindling Cracker – don’t lose a finger just to stay warm


While we thankfully don’t have to use fire to stay warm anymore, that doesn’t mean that people don’t still use it for a fireplace, wood stove, or oven. To make them useful, you have to have a good deal of material to burn handy, which normally means gathering wood. While you could just cut down a tree and drag it to your fire, it’s better to chop it into smaller pieces that are easier to handle.

Chopping at a huge tree isn’t delicate work, but you normally want to take the logs you cut and make them even smaller, which is where lots of accidents can happen the teenier you go. Thanks to a school-age student who wasn’t too keen on losing a finger just to sit around a campfire, the Kindling Cracker was born. This former science fair project will allow you to use a hammer to cut your kindling by setting up the wood over the blade, and tapping it until it splits.

This uses gravity to work with you rather than against you on a cast iron splitting head which has been mounted onto a foot-tall frame. You’ll want to pick pieces that are small enough to place inside the safety ring, but keep in mind this is to make small wood smaller without injury. If you know you’re always going to need kindling in the same space, there are mounting holes so you don’t have to move it every time you use it. This $89.99 purchase weighs around 11 pounds, so it shouldn’t move too much while you smash wood onto it.

Available for purchase on northerntool

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