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The Kindle Oasis will whisk you away to another world

Kindle Oasis

While I still haven’t made the switch from physical books to an e-reader, it’s not for a lack of interest. They’re supposed to be pretty awesome for battery life, be easier on your eyes regardless of the time of day, and are just convenient. One of the better-known versions of this is the Kindle, and as they’ve been around for a good minute now they’re of course turning out newer models that are said to be better than previous renditions.

This time around, the Kindle Oasis is up to bat, which is super-thin and lightweight with everything a bookworm could want. Well, not the actual bookworm, as they’d be pretty sad without food. This is a 0.13” thick Kindle, and is 30% lighter than its predecessors with a strong cover glass and frame that is infused with metal to make sure it can survive any rough and tumble from day-to-day life. It has 10 LEDs for built-in light with 300 ppi resolution, which isn’t too much more than some of the previous versions.

The tapered handgrip will shift the center of gravity to your palm so it will feel like a book is actually sitting in your hand, making it easier to do one-handed reading. You’ll also be able to turn the pages on either the touchscreen or the page turn buttons on the front of the hand grip. Whether you’re going to read in your left or right hand, the page orientation will rotate to match. The leather case that comes with it will also give you extra battery life, so you can read for months without needing a recharge. This is a $289.99 purchase, but seems to be only mildly fancier than the version that’s 100 bucks cheaper.

Available for purchase on Amazon

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