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The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter gives you new glassware

Kinkajou bottle cutter

If you are into drinking fancy beer from bottles, then you know how awesome the artwork for the labels can be. Should you be getting something larger than a 12 ounce, most have designs that aren’t made of paper that will stay on the glass. If you’ve ever wished you could utilize the bottles more, but don’t really know how, there are crafty ways to reuse them for functional purposes…for a price.

It’s not that the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Kit is expensive by any means, but it does take a combination of time and money to be useful. The Kinkajou Cutter is a clamp that uses two glass cutters that will score the glass, and then you need to use boiled and cold water to stress the line with plastic separators on either side, and it will crack perfectly. After that you’ll need to use water and sand the edges a bit so you won’t cut your lip on it, and presto, new snazzy glassware for you!

Getting the Kinkajou Kit is going to cost you $49.99, and that will get you the cutter, two silicone separation ties that will fit any size bottle, a glass finishing tool, and 3 pieces of 80 grit silicone carbide sandpaper. There are cheaper options out there for those that already have some of these tools at their disposal, but this will give you everything you need from the get-go. There are several color options and regardless of which you choose, the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter will be able to fit around bottles that are anywhere from 43 to 102 mm.

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