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KiiPix instant picture printer

kiipixThe primary camera that we use these days to capture our favorite memories wherever we go would be the smartphone camera. However, when it comes to archiving all of those snapped photos, not too many of us have the habit of constantly transferring and categorizing these photos in their proper place. Why not take the opportunity to actually print them out wherever you are? TOMY has come up with the KiiPix, which is an affordable instant picture printer that is able to roll out retro-stylized photos from just about any smartphone.

The KiiPix will be introduced later this month across a dozen countries worldwide, including, but not limited to, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. There are also plans for the KiiPix to be marketed in different countries across Asia down the road. With the KiiPix, you will be able to create vintage-inspired printed photos, being able to transport treasured images from the digital world into the physical realm.

Using the KiiPix is all too easy, where you simply need to capture, print, and share your favorite memories. Even better yet is the fact that the KiiPix does not need to run on any batteries, leaving you with one less item to bring around when you are traveling while making it easier to manage your collection of chargers. Neither do you need to hunt for an electric source or power outlet, and there is no additional app to download and install in your smartphone to have it function. All it does is hook up to your smartphone and create vintage-inspired printed photos on the spot. Of course, the film is sold separately, with the KiiPix being accompanied by a sticker price tag of $39.99.

This unique device is so simple to use, even a teen can handle it without missing a beat.

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