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KidZui – The Internet for Kids

I came home today to have my 8 year old daughter tell me she was on and watched a naked man with his stuff  jiggling. I tried to appear unconcerned, while my face flushed with color and I considered my options. Luckily I asked her to show it to me, and the “stuff” to which she had referred was his enormous unclothed belly, which prevented you from being able to tell if he had pants on or not. Fifteen minutes later I was downloading the totally free internet browser specifically designed for kids, KidZui.  The KidZui K2 browser allows access to millions of websites, games, and videos which are all pre-screened and pre-approved by KidZui’s editorial staff, teachers, and parents. Unlike some similar kids browser options KidZui does not create it’s own warm and fuzzy content. KidZui allows your kids to do real searches and to pull up actual sites and information from the web, but since all the material has been checked, there are no, shall we say, jiggly surprises? So let your kids check out the most popular websites and games. Let them save their favorites, cruise youtube for some silly fun and watch music videos while you rest easy knowing that KidZui is saving you from any of those awkward moments like when your kid wants to search for pictures of the Blue-Footed Boobie. There’s something I’ll never be able to un-see. The KidZui browser is free, so get yours now at ]]>