Kidz Gear has new headphones for little ones

You know that back in the day, owning a mobile phone was pretty big business. You had to be a person with a reasonably comfortable bank balance in order to purchase one of these puppies, and there was still this thing called payphones as well. Make an appointment with a friend, and ensure you stick to the time and place religiously, as there was no way to keep in touch otherwise. These days, the cost of ownership of phones have dropped so much that even little kids own a handset, and the more privileged ones carry around iPhones in addition to a slew of other Apple products such as an iPad and iPod touch.
This revolution in the mobile consumer electronics industry has certainly led to a change in the way third party accessories manufacturers churn out products – they now have an even larger market to target, and Kidz Gear decided to throw their lot with Cupertino’s devices with their latest offering, targeting kids who own a myriad of Apple devices, coming in the form of the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids.

Yes sir, the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids will play nice with the iPad, iPhone and iPod, and will ensure that their hearing is not spoilt or put in harm’s way directly thanks to the built-in ā€œKidzControl” Volume Limiting Technology that paves the way for safe volume listening. At least they need not repeat your folly of cranking up the Walkman or Discman’s volume levels with Black Sabbath playing, where even the rest of the passengers in the same car can hear what song you’re listening to at that moment.
Volume levels are limited to a maximum of between 80dB and 90dB levels, and it has even been ergonomically designed with soft padded child-sized ear-cups and high-quality audio components. As for your wallet, you need not worry – it has a sticker price of just $29.95, making the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids perfect as a travel accessory in order to keep the little ones quiet during a long road trip. They even need not ask, “Are we there yet?” as they remain entertained by their favorite music tracks or movies on the iPad or iPhone.
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