Kidsocial – the Social Network just for Kids


Mommy!? Why can’t I be on Facebook? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that coming out of my 9 year olds mouth… I know a million good reasons why she shouldn’t be on Facebook, only about a hundred or so of them am I willing to share with her in any kind of detail, but it doesnt seem to matter, as the question continues to be raised on average, about 5 times a week.

Well maybe this will shu… I mean, help her to be a happier even more well rounded child, Welcome, Kidsocial a brand new social entertainment website developed just for kids. Kidsocial lets kids listen to music, chat, play games and share photos all in a parent connected, kid-safe environment. The pages cannot be viewed by strangers, and things like sharing and becoming friends are only accomplished with the approval of the parents. 

Kidsocial allows the kids to interact in a safe online playground made up of familiar games and brands that developers know our kids already love. Kidsocial uses family friendly filters to present appropriate YouTube videos and also offers programming from Hulu and Grooveshark. Kids can create avatars and challenge each other in games or just hang out and chat.

Kidsocial teamed up with the National Science Center Cyber Ops program that helps educate kids about Cyber Safety, network risks, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security and even information on cyber careers and since it allows only the connections that we allow (and it lets you set the level of control you feel you need) The result might just be something that I can live with… you know, if she gets all A’s on her report card, and keeps her room clean, and turns the lights out when shes leaving the room. … let’s all hold our breath, shall we?


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