Kid’s Walker exo-suit for kids

Some of you might remember when we reported on the real-life XOS 2 Iron-Man suit a few days ago. I suppose this would be the kids-size version.

This is the Kid’s Walker, which has a height of 5 1/4 feet. I suppose that is pretty tall if you are a kid. I’m not certain if you really want to put your kid in this suit. Seriously, if you think the kid has a tantrum now, wait until he or she puts on this iron suit. The end result would be like the climax of a monster movie.

By the way, the Kid’s Walker doesn’t really walk, it more shuffles along on a pair of wheeled feet. I believe it is controlled by two joysticks, and some of those pedals probably do that as well. The XOS 2 can lift about 170 pounds, but I have no idea how much this one can lift.

Okay, I would love to see footage of a kid in this suit, tearing apart cars or something. Man, would I love to have some video of that. Seriously, I would pay to have video of that bad-boy footage.

This Kids Walker is designed by Sakakibara Kikai, and it costs about $21,000.


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