Keep the kids occupied with headrest emulators

We know that kids these days who have had a taste of modern video games will probably pooh pooh the 8-bit and 16-bit titles of yore, mainly because there are no snazzy 3D graphics to look at. Well, that’s because they have a choice, but bundle them into a car on a 3-day long road trip and see whether they will change their mind or not. Instead of looking out the window and going through their favorite movies time and again, why not “torture” them with this product from Chinavasion? It is an in-car AV entertainment system which will swap out headrests on the front seats for two DVD players that have an LCD display, an FM transmitter and an NES/SNES emulator for the kids to enjoy, although the generic looking gamepads will make you lose some of that authentic feel. Heck, your $175 purchase even comes with a CD full of 550+ classic ROMS – of course, the legality of the situation is rather questionable. Perhaps this would help them appreciate Zelda in his 2D glory.

Product Page from OhGizmo