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Kids’ MusucBags for the holidays

kids-musuc-bagsCan’t figure out what to get for your kids this coming Christmas? The Kids’ MusucBags might be just the thing if you can’t make up your mind, where this sleeping bag suit offers not only comfort on a cold, hard floor, it also provides total freedom of movement.

Features-wise, these suits pack in a whole load of useful innovations. The hoods are elasticated, there’s a kangaroo pouch and pockets on the chest and legs for keeping whatever it is kids keep in their pockets (usually penny sweets and a copy of The Beano, isn’t it?), and there’s even some elastic in the ankles so that the material doesn’t bunch up as they walk around. A pocket just below the neck for an MP3 Player or mobile phone means the most important things are safe and easy to access, and they’ve even put little name labels in them to save mums everywhere sewing them in.

You can choose from a variety of sizes to suit all sorts of kids, with blue and pink colors to choose from. Regardless of the size, they will retail for £64.99 each.