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The Kid Switch – let your kids feel like grown ups


When kids are little, they want to do everything themselves. Parents are meant to guide these little tykes in the right direction, but are essentially just prepping them to learn how to manage the world on their own. It only makes sense that they would want to be grown ups sooner rather than later, but once you realize what that actually means, you want to switch back.

 Little kids of course don’t realize that, and if you want to foster their independence you have to make it possible for them to have self-esteem building tasks to take on. This KidSwitch light switch extender will let them take on the last big challenge of the day, and the first task of the morning; turning on and off the lights. We’ve looked at contraptions that make light switches more interesting in the past, but this version allows kids to interact with the switch at their height.

This is a plastic extender that glows in the dark, so if your tiny tyke wants to make a bathroom trip and doesn’t want to be completely without light they can make the run without waking you up. It will work with any toggle light switch, and comes with two screws to make sure it will stay in place. You can get one of these for $13.99, or if you want them to have access to multiple switches you can pay out $22.95 for a 3-pack.

Available for purchase on Amazon