Kickin’ Video Soccer

Kickin' Video SoccerThis is another arcade type post, this time the arcade version isn’t totally addicting, which is always a good thing.

The Kickin’ Video Soccer is a at home version of the game where you get a ball tethered to a rope and try to score on the virtual goalie. It’s pretty cool and can actually be fun, unless you’re losing.

Not only is there game modes, but you can practice your kicks (penalty kicks, too) and corner kicks. The game works because of the mat, it has built in sensors to detect where and how fast your foot is going, which is sent back to the TV.

The coolest part of the game is two player mode, where you can go head to head with one of your friends. There are even a variety of options for your “player”, you can choose from 16 Nation teams, 8 different player graphics, and 4 game styles.

As for the technical specs, there’s the astounding 16 bit graphics, which is about all the manufacture mentions.

Just as a note, this intended for younger kids, I wouldn’t recommend getting this for your teenager. The recommended age is six years old. For a kid who’s really into soccer and would love to be able to challenge his friends and practice inside the house, the Kickin’ Video Soccer is a great choice. It’s available from firstSTREET for $35, a very reasonable price, and comes with a 90-day warranty.