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These Kick Mat Organizers make being a parent a fraction less terrible

Kick Mats

When you get into a car, you’re oftentimes worried about having enough leg room so your knees aren’t in your chest. For kids, they have the opposite problem of having so much room that they kick around, putting their dirty little shoes on everything nearby. If you’ve got nice leather or upholstered seats, it’s not going to be a fun time cleaning mud off of either, so you can either plastic wrap the seats, or get a protective cover that was made for this very purpose.

The Kick Mat is a 25×19” mat that will strap onto your seats and keep them safe from scuffs and dirt. This is made of dual layered 1680D polyester, and has an adjustable buckle so that they can fit in smaller cars and big SUVs alike. These give you two options for usage as one side is just a kick mat, but the other has mesh pockets to keep coloring books, tablets, pens, and toys neat and organized during the drive.

Paying out around $28 will give you a set of two of these mats, since you never quite know where your munchkin is going to want to sit when they get in the car. While these will protect your seat backs, that doesn’t mean the mats aren’t going to get dirty too. Thankfully you can toss these in the washing machine and be done with it pretty quickly. If you’re a parent and aren’t getting things that can be put in the washing machine, you’re either wealthy enough to get other people to do it, or are creating new headaches for yourself.

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